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Racial Balance Is Not a Worthwhile Goal for Public Schools

New York’s Medicaid Dysfunction

Was Sam Bankman-Fried a Crypto “Televangelist”?

The China Challenge: China’s Zero-COVID Reckoning

Want To Overcome Unconscious Bias? Join the Club

Feeding 8 Billion People Has Never Been Easier

The Autodidact's Bookshelf: Economists Don’t Have Very Good Answers When It Comes to the Environment

Our Magnificent Elites

The Altruist Billionaire’s Philosophical Con

Finding a Footing in Rome

Where’s the Legal Protection for Economic Liberty?

We Need an Abundance Agenda

Quite a Fall for Digital Tech

The Marriage of Liberalism and Democracy

The Government’s Protectionist Meddling Doesn’t Help Women

Having the Tough Conversations

The Supreme Court Can Substantially Reduce the Number of False Confessions

The Autodidact's Bookshelf: Breaking Down Sex Differences With Gender-Bending Characters

The Fifth Wave: CNN’s Long Goodbye

Employers Are Shifting from Degree-Based to Skills-Based Hiring, and It’s About Time

A Stable Peace in Ukraine May Come With Costs

England’s Gift

Costly, Regressive and Market Distorting: The Return of the Farm Bill

What Should a Post-ICWA America Look Like?

What’s Next for the Democrats?

Climate Change Motivates a Reevaluation of Nuclear Energy

The Problem with the New Right’s Skepticism of Elites

Why You Often Shouldn’t Believe Your Eyes

The China Challenge: New Leadership Focuses on the Struggle for Security

How To Talk Politics at Thanksgiving Without Causing a Family Feud

Is This the Beginning of the End for Trump?

How 'Freedom’s Furies' Helped Save American Individualism

Do Nuclear Weapons Actually Keep Us Safe?

To Stop Fueling Inflation, Stop Paying Rich People

Nihilism Has Taken Over American Politics

The Right Kind of Anti-Intellectualism

What Will the 2022 Midterms Tell Us About 2024’s GOP?

The Other Opioid Crisis: How the Criminal Justice System Imperils Patients and Physicians

We Need Cheap Energy To Build the Future

It Takes More Than Words To Show How You Feel

Beware the Unintended Consequences of Subsiding EV Charging Stations

Tradeoffs: What Happens When Economic Assumptions Don’t Reflect the Real World

The Causes and Cure of the 2021-2022 Inflation Surge

Toward Racelessness

The Missed Opportunity of Trussonomics

Could Time Be Up for Race-Based Admissions?

Understanding (and Untangling) the New Right

Give Private Currency a Chance

Russia’s Mobilization for Ukraine Will Not Save Putin

American Christian Nationalism: What is It? What Should We Think About It?

Why Social Security’s Exceptionally Large Cost-of-Living Adjustment Matters

Britain Is Broken and a New Conservative Prime Minister Won’t Fix It

China’s Threats Make Taiwan’s Dominance of Chip-Making Risky for the Rest of the World

Out of the Pandemic Mud

A Big Win for the Entrepreneurial Educator

The Autodidact's Bookshelf: This Halloween, Don’t Make a Deal With the Devil

It’s Time To Repeal the Jones Act

Let’s Do Philanthropy That Actually Works

The Inflation Challenge

The China Challenge: Xi Prepares for His Third Term and Beyond

The Importance of City Charters

On Regulatory Reform, the Populists Get It Right

Winning the Battle Against Inflation Also Requires Supply-Side Reforms

The Supreme Court is Doing Nothing to Reduce Wrongful Convictions

In Pursuit of a Commercial Republic

Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Later, China’s Semiconductor Industry Is Still an Also-Ran

What’s So Hard About Explaining GDP Plus Inflation?

We Really Need To ‘Have a Conversation’ About AI ... or Do We?

The Autodidact's Bookshelf: Everyone Loves a Good Old-Fashioned Revenge Story

Americans with Rare Diseases Need a ‘Right to Try’ Too

Do the Populists Have a Point?

Religion, Liberalism and Equality

The Supreme Court's Actual Innocence Problem

Interest Rates and the Fallacy of Historical Trends

China’s Coercive Moves Against Taiwan Are Counterproductive

Do Our Brains Contribute to Racism?

Protecting Children From Social Media Is More Nuanced Than It Seems

Satellites Are Likely Targets in the Next Major War

The Autodidact’s Bookshelf: Learning What It Takes To Be King

Truth and Its Consequences

Is Christian Nationalism an Existential Threat to America?

The China Challenge: Risks to the U.S. Economy if China Invades Taiwan in Seven Charts

The GOP Establishment Is Also at Fault for This Year’s Lousy Slate of Republican Candidates

The Economic Nationalists’ Banana Republic

Right to Try Is Unleashing the Future of Medicine

Why School Choice Is the Racial Justice Issue Now

Elizabeth Knew Her Job and Did It Well

When Central Banks Drive Looking in the Rearview Mirror

The Lies We Tell Ourselves To Keep Going

Humanizing Race

The Folly of an EU-Wide Cap on Gas Prices

Racial Classification in America

What Would a Meloni-Led Government Mean for Italy—and for the World?

Crypto May Change How We Govern

How To Get Out of a ‘Great Stagnation’

Justice Kagan and Textualism

She Can Shoot: The Rise of Female Gun Ownership

Yes, What Happened on Jan. 6 Was an Attempted Coup

Holding Out for a (Byronic) Hero

e.e. in the U.S.S.R.

The Fifth Wave: Is the Medium Really the Message?

Patients Speak Louder Than Politics

Democrats Have Started To Retreat on Racial Politics

Downtowns and Transit After the Pandemic: An Update

Red Alert for Green Policies

The Other Opioid Crisis: A Failure of Care

Has Inflation Peaked?

It’s Time for Americans to Return to Third Places

What Virginia Woolf Can Teach Us About Opportunity Cost

A Wealth Tax Alone Can’t Fund America’s Social Safety Net

Rethinking Reparations

The Inflation Reduction Act Is All Smoke and Mirrors

Irrational Basis

The Constitution Isn’t Broken; We Are

How Right To Try Puts Patients First

The Most Substantial Effect of the House ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Will Be To Sell More AR-15s

DeSantis Is Less Bad for Democracy Than Trump

Pushing Back Against a Permission Society

Classical Liberalism and Racial Justice

Market-Distorting Regulations Helped Cause the Formula Shortage

Learning About Opera in the Internet Age

How Science Fiction Dystopianism Shapes the Debate over AI & Robotics

The Real Lessons of Sri Lanka

Don’t Politicize Financial Services

Could the End of Lockdowns in China Lead to Reduced Inflation in the United States?

Overthrowing Joe Biden

The Other Opioid Crisis: How False Narratives Are Hurting Patients

Congress’ Broken Budget System Helped Create Inflation

30 Years Ago, Liberal Icon Barbara Jordan Denounced Political Correctness

Ayn Rand and the Persuasive Power of Popular Culture

Great Power War Is Here To Stay

Was January 6 Really an ‘Attempted Coup’?

The Psychology of Progress

Bitcoin Uses Lots of Energy—And That’s Okay

The Government Is Not Going To Fix Our Supply Chains

For NATO, a Big Step Forward

The Supreme Court Just Upended the Legal Landscape on Guns

Corporations and Abortion: A Perfect Storm of Controversy

Having Fun With History

Skewering the Anti-Fun League

The Only Liberal Answer on Schools Is Choice

The Rise of Minority Gun Ownership

Federalism Has Its Limits, and Abortion Will Soon Test Them

Town Meeting 101

Chile’s Revolt Without Revolution

Technology and the Creation of Identity

How Arizona Is Getting Innovation Culture Right

A Migration Tale That Is About More Than Migration

The Reassertion of the Real

A Pro-Union Vision for the 21st Century and Beyond

Woke Capitalism Isn’t a Thing—It’s Many Things

The Price for Peace in Ukraine

Why Don’t Economists Write More Fiction?

Patriotism and Progress

Why Tokyo Works

China’s Ongoing COVID Disaster Exposes the Failure of Authoritarianism

Antitrust From the Gilded Age to the Technology Age

Will Google’s Massive Profits Ever Attract New Competitors?

Biden’s Strategy To Fight Inflation Ignores Its Root Causes

Why Are the Russian Forces Fighting in Ukraine So Primitive?

Conspiracy Theories in Contemporary Political Discourse

What’s Causing Today’s Inflation?

In China’s Endless Campaign To Erase Taiwan, No Target Is Too Small

Biden’s Explicit Promise To Defend Taiwan Is Bad Policy

Who Is Elon Musk?

What’s Driving Putin?

What the War in Ukraine Reveals About Energy Security

French President Emmanuel Macron’s Recent Victory Is Cause for Relief, But Not Celebration

The YIMBYest City in America

The Fifth Wave: Escaping Into the Metaverse

The Taboo Against Great Power War Is Gone

The Right’s ‘Bounty Law’ Craze Is Based on a Progressive Blueprint

Doomsayers Are Everywhere, But Is Our Democracy Truly on the Skids?

The Paradox of Choice Meets the Information Age

This Is How We Get Oligarchs

Debt and Demagoguery

The Rising Influence of Economic Nationalism

It’s Time To Get Rid of Qualified Immunity

The CDC’s Current Internal Review Can Provide a Helpful Model for Institutional Reform

In the Fight Against Native American Poverty, Tribal Enterprises Are a Big Part of the Solution

How To Reduce Politicization in U.S. Schools

The Fake Scientific Consensus on Climate Change

Empathy, Dialogue and Building Bridges

Book Review: The Fight for Free Speech Is a Battle That’s Never Over

Xi Jinping’s ‘Zero-COVID’ Gambit

Why So Many Predictions About Inflation Were Wrong

Unenthusiastic French Electorate Votes for Macron But Remains Deeply Divided

Get the Kids Out of the Room—We’re Going To Talk About Sex

The Defeatist Mindset of Minimum Taxes

SEC Overreach Threatens a Budding Industry

College Graduates Enjoy Bigger Career Networks, But Other Students Can Catch Up

Don’t Count Out Marine Le Pen in the French Presidential Election

Inter-Elite Competition and Institutional Destruction

Can Psychedelics Help Increase the Mental Healthcare Supply?

A First Amendment Giant Offers a Way Out of Our Free Speech Crisis

Which Way, Western Man?

The Activism of Booker T. Washington

Raising Taxes Won’t Fix the Deficit

How the Education Establishment Botched COVID-19 and Boosted the School Choice Movement

Misinformation, Disinformation and Propaganda

Monopoly Fears About Big Tech Are Overblown

What Putin Doesn’t Know

The NRA’s Descent Into Turmoil and Its Long Path Ahead

A Vision of a Better World

Preparing for the Challenge of a Secular America

If You Use a Bank Account, Don’t Get on the Wrong Side of the Government

How Putin’s War in Ukraine Is Transforming Europe

Government Propaganda Threatens Democratic Self-Governance

Iconic Women of History Defy Our Political Categories

The War in Ukraine: Realism’s Revenge

Ukraine and the Challenge to the Pax Americana

The Military-Industrial Complex Offers a Cautionary Tale for Industrial Policy Planning

The Democratic Dilemma

As Biden Pursues Julian Assange, a Major Test of Press Freedom Looms

Alleviating Poverty Among Native Americans Will Improve Health Outcomes

COVID Recovery Shows the Need for Better Immigration and Regulatory Policies

Iraq Is Becoming a Surprise Success Story

Battle Lines Drawn Over Affordable Housing vs. Single-Family Zoning

Media Is Another Battleground in the Ukraine War

One Lesson From Ukraine: NATO Must Prepare for a Long War Against Russia

Ridicule Ridiculous Ideas, Including Your Own

The Ukraine Crisis Should Give China Pause on Taiwan

To Tame Inflation, the Fed Must Learn From Its Mistakes

America’s Middle East Allies Are Not Yet Playing Ball on Ukraine

Should We Be Canceling Russia?

How Public Policy Can Fight Inflation and Lower Prices

The Contradictions and Confusion of Getting Americans To Buy Electric Cars

Plumbing Putin’s Mind

The Fifth Wave: Who Fact-Checks the Fact-Checkers?

Making Supply Chains Resilient

Where Russia Went Wrong in Ukraine and Why It Might Still Win

Why the West Is Banning Russia From SWIFT

Has the Invasion of Ukraine Made Us All Neoconservatives Now?

Why Rhetoric Still Matters

QAnon Is Overrated, and So Are Most Conspiracy Theories

A Case for Innovation and Optimism

Beyond Arguments: Reversing Social Breakdown

In Ukraine, a Bad Miscalculation and a Heroic Defense

Supreme Court Nominee’s Rulings on Executive Branch Power Are a Good Sign

Putin’s Useful Idiots on the American Right

Taking the Long View of Black History

Myths of American Identity

Dear Democrats: Here’s How to Save the Republic, Part Two

Even Before the Invasion, Russian Aggression Was Helping To Keep Ukraine Down

Progress, Value and Knowledge From Tradition

Streamlining Toyota’s Supply Chain

How Psychedelics Are Creating a Rare Libertarian Moment

Why Americans Should Care About Ukraine

Don’t Expand the Federal Reserve’s Mandate

The Long War Belongs to the Submarine

Building Common Ground in a Divided Society

In Actual Dollars, Tax Cuts Boost Revenue Time After Time

Rebel Rebel

Will the Supreme Court Defend a New Second Amendment Litigation Standard?

From Nation-States to Network States

What Critical Race Theory Gets Right, and Wrong

How to Save the Olympics from the Tyrants

Joe Biden’s Descent Into the Maelstrom

Dear Democrats: Here’s How to Save the Republic

To Reform Agency Rulemaking, Consider Regulation by Trial

The Rise of Economic Nationalism Ushers In an Era of Uncertainty

A Giant Leap for Broadband

In Defense of “Workism”

Bipartisan Election Reform Should Include Limits on Gerrymandering

The Integralist Argument Is Wrong, Even If You’re Catholic

Russia’s War Game in Ukraine

As Britain Shows, Taming Populist Forces Is Not Easy

The High Stakes of the Supreme Court Gun-Carry Case

What’s The Connection Between News—Fake and Real—And Opinion?

Humility, Empathy and Asking the Big Questions

Presidential Rhetoric and the Return to Normalcy

A European Solution for Our School Wars

How To Get the Future We Were Promised

How the FDA Confuses Skepticism for Science—And Obstructs Innovation

Social Media Emancipated Authors, But to What End?

Biden Spent $1.9 Trillion on Stimulus But Created Almost No Jobs

Viewpoint Diversity in the Classroom Benefits Everyone

Fusion Power Generation May Come Sooner Than You Think

Europe’s Postcards From the Edge

Goodbye Lemons: How the Internet Revolutionized the Used-Car Market

The China Challenge: The Stain of Forced Labor on Nike Shoes

Why Liberalism Depends on Neighborhood Dynamics

To Calm the Storm Over the Teaching of History, Look to These Three Values

Harvard’s Big Mistake: It Keeps Telling Its Students They’re Special