Ideas of India: The Debates That Defined India

Ideas of India is a podcast in which Mercatus Senior Research Fellow Shruti Rajagopalan examines the academic ideas that can propel… Read More

2 days ago

In China’s Endless Campaign To Erase Taiwan, No Target Is Too Small

Taiwan savored a delicious moment of triumph on the world’s culinary stage in March. The annual list of Asia’s 50… Read More

3 days ago

Biden’s Explicit Promise To Defend Taiwan Is Bad Policy

During his visit to Japan, when asked whether the U.S. would defend Taiwan militarily, President Joe Biden responded, “Yes, that’s… Read More

3 days ago

What’s Driving Putin?

By most American measures of strategic thinking, the last thing that Russian President Vladimir Putin should have wanted was to… Read More

5 days ago

What the War in Ukraine Reveals About Energy Security

Images of Russia’s war on Ukraine and of Olaf Scholz’s grimacing visage have heightened popular attention to energy security. Germany,… Read More

1 week ago

French President Emmanuel Macron’s Recent Victory Is Cause for Relief, But Not Celebration

Like many people, I was relieved when Emmanuel Macron was reelected to a second term as the president of France… Read More

1 week ago

The YIMBYest City in America

AUBURN, MAINE — Jason Levesque has a simple theory: His hometown needs more people. A lot of them. “We have… Read More

1 week ago

The Taboo Against Great Power War Is Gone

There is no reason war cannot happen between Russia and China and the United States and its allies. The fact… Read More

2 weeks ago

This Is How We Get Oligarchs

Contemplating Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, Charlie Sykes recently asked whether America has an oligarch problem. He cites a definition… Read More

3 weeks ago

Debt and Demagoguery

“The Federalist Papers” can be dry reading. Calm, scholarly, sometimes needlessly erudite, this classic examination of the U.S. Constitution by… Read More

3 weeks ago