Now That We’ve Left Afghanistan, Expect Fewer Islamic Terrorist Attacks on Americans

Since the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan over the summer, terrorism experts have been predicting that the U.S. is now… Read More

2 days ago

The Supreme Court Isn’t Broken

The Constitution was only five years old when Americans started looking for ways to limit the Supreme Court’s power. A… Read More

3 days ago

China’s Collection of Data on Foreigners Is a National Security Risk

China operates a techno-surveillance state collecting vast amounts of data domestically to ensure social stability. Using tactics from facial recognition… Read More

5 days ago

The Pall of Politics Descends Upon American Medicine

Politics, and in particular hard-left “wokeness,” is infecting American medicine’s bloodstream. The danger cannot be overstated. It threatens medical professionals,… Read More

1 week ago

Manufactured Migrant Crisis on Polish Border Is a Form of Hybrid Warfare

Thousands of migrants from the Middle East are trapped at Belarus’ western border, blocked from crossing into Poland by Polish… Read More

2 weeks ago

China Enters Unsteady Waters as Xi Tightens Grip on Power

Chinese President Xi Jinping got a major shot in the arm last week. On Nov. 11, the Chinese Communist Party… Read More

3 weeks ago

By Pressing Other Countries to Join Its War on Drugs, the U.S. Is Exporting Illiberalism

After spending three weeks in an Indian prison on drug-related charges, Aryan Khan, the 23-year-old son of Shah Rukh Khan,… Read More

3 weeks ago

TV Land Economics

Among the openly Big Government “nationalist” wing of the conservative movement, the new talking point and rationalization for government intervention… Read More

3 weeks ago

Ideas of India: Female Leaders and Bureaucratic Resistance

Ideas of India is a podcast in which Mercatus Senior Research Fellow Shruti Rajagopalan examines the academic ideas that can propel… Read More

1 month ago

The China Challenge: Nuclear Deterrence and Soft Power

Recently, Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall said his three most important priorities were “China, China and China.” In… Read More

1 month ago