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Interest Rates and the Fallacy of Historical Trends

One of us is so old that she has been predicting a fiscal crisis for decades. Needless to say, until… Read More

6 days ago

Ideas of India: The Impact of Income Guarantee on Farm Incomes in India

Ideas of India is a podcast in which Mercatus Senior Research Fellow Shruti Rajagopalan examines the academic ideas that can propel… Read More

3 weeks ago

When Central Banks Drive Looking in the Rearview Mirror

The surge in inflation on both sides of the Atlantic should not have come as a surprise. The conduct of… Read More

4 weeks ago

The Folly of an EU-Wide Cap on Gas Prices

The war in Ukraine has awakened Europe from its geopolitical slumber and has proved to be a catalyst for EU… Read More

1 month ago

Has Inflation Peaked?

President Biden, congressional Democrats and Fed watchers celebrated as the Consumer Price Index suddenly stabilized from June to July. In… Read More

2 months ago

A Wealth Tax Alone Can’t Fund America’s Social Safety Net

Reforming America’s social safety net is a key pillar of the Biden economic agenda. The proposed reform has two particular… Read More

2 months ago

The Inflation Reduction Act Is All Smoke and Mirrors

In a shocking reversal, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) has announced that he will agree to more spending and taxes in… Read More

2 months ago

Market-Distorting Regulations Helped Cause the Formula Shortage

Supply chains around the world remain stretched thin by COVID-19 lockdowns, the war in Ukraine and disruptions in shipping markets.… Read More

2 months ago

Don’t Politicize Financial Services

Today the CEO of a major bank called for establishing a Merchant Category Code (MCC) for abortion services. The CEO… Read More

2 months ago

Could the End of Lockdowns in China Lead to Reduced Inflation in the United States?

Since the definition of inflation is too many dollars chasing too few goods, more goods being chased by the same… Read More

3 months ago